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Geo AdithyA Technologies provides UAV drone solutions in INDIA. We provide end-to-end drone services with a key focus in the industrial space using our customized drones. We have assembled a strong team of skilled pilots, experienced data analysts, innovative technology experts who are always ready to tackle various challenges and come up with customized solutions for every client and request, however complex. When the demand is great enough, we take on our own R&D projects to come up with solutions that uniquely solve problems by combining mechanical, systems and robotics and software expertise. Besides drones, we are also interested in the data that drone collect.

Ground Control Points and Precision Accuracy

Geo AdithyA Technologies offers the world’s largest precision Ground Control Point database with worldwide coverage. Geo AdithyA Technologies also offers independent QA/QC for your survey project and Orthomosaic results. Drone Mapper processing, GCP and suitable flight platform - results are impressive, accurate and cost-efficient.

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Our Drone Instruments

Vector Data Capturing
Geo AdithyA Technologies works with Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Best drone/camera combo for reality capture with 20MP for 3D modeling and inspection, comes bundled with a one year subscription of Skycatch Pro.
Vector Data Capturing
Geo AdithyA Technologies works with Mavic Pro (currently in beta)

DJI Mavic Pro

Entry-level drone for getting started easily and mapping small sites that do not require a high level of accuracy.

Vector Data Capturing
Geo AdithyA Technologies works with Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

Smaller, faster, with a longer flight time than the Phantom 3, plus onboard obstacle sensing to stay safe of vertical obstructions.
Vector Data Capturing
Geo AdithyA Technologies works with StakeOut V-Mapper

StakeOut V-Mapper

Cost Efficient Solution to Capture And Process Large Aerial Data.

Our Project

3D Modeling For Mining

This survey was conducted by Geo AdithyA Technologies in order to find out the difference in the mining benches using DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

3D Modeling Of Limestone Mine / Karnataka

This survey was conducted by Geo AdithyA Technologies in order to find out the difference in the benches level using high end drone & DGPS.


An industry Leading Endurance & performance less Than 10 minutes to deploy/launch a Ruggedized tablet based ground control station (GCS) modular Design, Man packable The industry-leading range of communication manual, Semi and fully autonomous low aural signature variety of payload/sensors
Vector Data Capturing
J Charles Raj
Vector Data Capturing
Regu Thasain
Vector Data Capturing

Why Drone Needed

Operations with our drones are completed significantly faster than the methods utilized traditionally and Spend less time in the field by using drones.

Drones save firms money in a number of ways. Drone Dispatch offers consistent prolonged nationwide solutions for big industry clients and Seamlessly incorporate drones into your organization.

Remove people from hazardous situations and replace them with a drone. Drones are more flexible and provide a lower level of risk than the traditional solutions that drones aim to replace.

Drones provide additional utility and benefit stacking opportunities. Every industrial operation doubles as a media gathering opportunity. Every filming session doubles as an opportunity to gather functional data.

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) commonly known as a drone and referred to as a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. UAV's have opened up a whole new world of surveying, Orthophoto production, 3D modeling and feature extraction possibilities due to the massive simplification of the data acquisition stage compared with conventional methods of aerial capture, the costs involved have been drastically reduced.

GeoAdithyA Technologies having experience in the professional surveying industry, now specializing in UAV data processing and delivers high-quality true orthophoto, Contours / DEM / DTM / DSM and 3D model to various domain urban planning, commercial, utilities, environmental, agriculture and governance. Post processing is performed using very powerful workstations to handle the massive size of the datasets acquired.

Ortho Rectification :

Data modeling (DEM / DTM / DSM/ Contour) :

2D/3D Feature Extraction :

3D Video Production :
Geo AdithyA have great capability in producing city wide 3D videos using UAV data. Each building in the 3D UAV data model will be further fine-tuned and textured looking at available street photos. then camera will be set and render process will be run for creating video as per the client specification. Our videos will be of high quality(4K Video) real representation of the city.

Planimetric Mapping

Asset & Plant Inspections

Geo AdithyA Technologies have unique UAV data processing services and are designed for inspecting hazardous and difficult to access assets and structures like

Engineering & Construction

The benefit of using UAVs for power line inspection work is that they're able to fly into the middle of fields to inspect pylons several hundred meters high - where accessibility for cranes is just not possible. Similarly, some of the assets we inspect are in highly forested locations too dangerous for full-size helicopters to approach.

Mining & Resources

We deliver a diverse range of services to many of resources companies. Our solutions are seen as an ideal tool for mine surveying, as we operate from the perimeter of busy,     working pits.
Our services include:

Surveying Services