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Building information modeling (BIM)

BIM, Taking your drawings to the next level The future of CAD drawings and their involvement in the construction process is changing! 2D drawings will always have a valued and useful position in the construction process, but anyone who is serious in providing quality information to their clients will be looking at designs created using Building Information Modelling (BIM) techniques.


The traditional building design was largely reliant upon two-dimensional drawings (plans, elevations, sections, etc.). Building information modeling extends this beyond 3-D, augmenting the three primary spatial dimensions (width, height and depth - X, Y and Z) with time as the fourth dimension and cost as the fifth. BIM, therefore, covers more than just geometry. It also covers spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, and quantities and properties of building components (for example manufacturers' details).
  • Construction drawing (2d input).

  • Point cloud.

Our Services

  • 3D Structural

    We are experts in generating structure BIM models using Revit platform. With our expert Revit technicians and structure detailer’s we are competent enough to develop models for Steel Structures, Wood Structures and Concrete Structures. Also, we are experts in creating families for structure detailing like joists, Anchor bolts, trusses etc.

  • 3D Architectural

    We are experts in generating Architectural BIM models using Revit platform. With our expert Revit technicians, all type of architectural model creating. Also, we are experts in creating families for the Architectural component on a door, windows, etc.

  • 3D MEP Service

    We provide an assortment of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering services. Competency with software such as AutoCAD, CADD, Revit MEP allows us to offer a range of quality MEP BIM services.

  • Clashes Detection

    A lot of time, money and resources are spent in the designing state of art buildings. However, imagine the amount of losses that may incur because a lot of unaccounted clashes and collisions go unidentified during the design phase and are detected only when the project goes on-site.

  • Extraction for Scheduling

    We are experts in generating Scheduling in BIM models using Revit platform. All the elements are prepared using category wise schedule.

  • Walkthrough and Rendering

    Walkthrough and Rendering we are using 3DX MAX platform.