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Geo AdithyA Technologies (GA) is an International leader providing Geospatial Technology Solutions and Data Management Services. Operating from cosmopolitan city Chennai, India.

Geo AdithyA is one of the largest and most experienced full-service geospatial solutions company in cosmopolitan city Chennai, India. We have a long tradition of consistent performance and enduring client relationships built along with quality services.

Geo AdithyA has the experience, technical resources and worldwide capacity to enable excellent performance on any geospatial projects including [ Indoor Service(Digital Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR, ORTHO, GIS, CAD, PLS CAD, BIM, Remote Sensing, etc.) Outdoor Services (Total Station/DGPS Survey and UAV(DRONE Survey) etc.) Industries (Forest, oil & Gas, Railway, and Networking)] from multisensory data fusion for small sites to state-wide mapping programs. Our staffs include surveyors, pilots, engineers, Photogrammetrists, as well as mapping scientists and GIS specialists.

No job too small or large, we provide our services to independent geomatics companies, government bodies and Private sector including energy, oil and gas, forestry, Pipelines, Urban and rural planning, Agriculture, Fishery, coastal management, Minings, Water Management, Telecom Networking, Cad Engineerings, DBM and Transportations industries. The information is provided in a format that is ready to integrate into various types of GIS and CAD systems that our clients utilize.

Geo AdithyA Technologies is not only Profit-Gain Company,but spent more than its profit for social services.


Geo AdithyA Technologies was established in 2007 in Chennai India. It has been operating having the status of Geospatial Data Processing since 2001-2007. Since that time the company has expanded its operations. The company is still headquartered in Chennai and has official business development team in Germany, Malaysia & Argentina. The Company provides services in the fields of Digital Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR,ORTHO, GIS, CAD, PLS CAD, BIM, Remote Sensing, Total Station/DGPS Survey and UAV(DRONE Survey) etc. for different continents.we uses the latest technology and have qualified professional staff with a wide range of experience.

Our Focus

The implementation of Geospatial solutions has been a primary focus of Geo AdithyA Technologies. The management has more than 25 years of experience with Geospatial services. We consistently assist and provide services to our clients ensuring that each project is implemented and executed with the standard. We have an exceptional knowledge and experience with the key software platforms through continuing research into industry trends. We are aware of emerging technologies and their potential impacts on our clients. The range of services that we offer our clients in their project allows us the freedom to work with clients through specific stages of their technological advancement, design, development and operation.

Our Strength

Geo AdithyA Technologies strength is in its core of competent, highly qualified, trained and experienced surveyors, geoscientists, and skilled computer and software professionals known for the development of an innovative programme to provide cutting-edge technology in GIS-based services. The team of our members are drawn from the best institutions in India & overseas of various disciplines.