Cadastral Mapping

Geo Adithya can receive the inputs of various domains such as Cadastral maps, Utility Maps, Geology maps and engineering or architectural drawing in paper or a scanned image format. Geo Adithya will digitize/convert these maps to digital format according to technical specification provided by the client. Geo Adithya s offers and delivers the quality output in various formats such as DWG, DGN, SHP and MDB etc., as per the client requirements.

The primary objective that must be dealt with include translating data from one system to another, migrating applications, building or enhancing the intelligent data model and migrating to a new user interface. Migrating data involves file reformatting, changing linkages to database management systems, redefining data models and many other critical success factors. For organizations migrating from older "dumb" mapping systems to intelligent GIS products, the effort also involves adding new database elements and the connectivity or topology needed to intelligently model facility networks. For those wishing to bring greater numbers of more casual users on-line or to standardize the look and feel of computer applications organization-wide, migration often requires movement to newer, Windows-like user interfaces.